Leverage Your Strengths to Create the Life You Deserve

An Embodied Life

Let’s get better at getting better.

My passion is in seeing my clients gain insights and awareness, that help them move into inspired actions leading to their aspirations.

I help clients SOAR:

  • Sustenance – everything you “consume”
  • Optimal Mind – how you think is how you are
  • Activity – movement is the best way to improve all health markers – physical and mental
  • Rest – stress and rest partner for longevity

Coaching is a partnership between client and coach. It is NOT therapy. Nor is it advice, mentorship and consulting. As your coach, I won’t tell you what to do. I WILL partner with you to uncover and discover. Coaching provides insight and awareness, and through this change happens readily. I use various tools based on inquiry and embodiment with my clients.

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