Upgrade your life

Time. Career. Relationships. Nutrition. Exercise. Sleep. Passion. Energy. Wealth. Growth. Whatever it is, you are the kind of person who will not stop at the status quo.

That’s where I come in. My mantra is, let’s get better at getting better.

As a result-driven type-A human, I relentlessly pursue life to it’s fullest. In fact, now that I am coaching, my biggest passion is in seeing “aha” moments in my clients as they move from what is into new inspired actions. Those changes can take you out through fear, doubt and frustration. I get it.

You see, change is a hard thing. And getting to the blocks preventing change is as individual a pathway as there are individuals in the world. While some people welcome change as a needed shift, others say they want it, but, on the inside, are kicking and screaming like kids in tantrum. And those tantrums show up in unusual ways – fear, avoiding, anxiety, all sorts of numbing behavior, . . . .

It took me a continual looking at my own behaviors, patterns, addictions and flat-out resistance to see the complexity of it my own fears that have kept me stuck and the same. But once I began to recognize the fears, the “lies” I told myself, I, first, saw that everyone else had those same doubts. And so by working THROUGH them, I began to work them to my advantage, instead of running away. You see, to climb a mountain, you can’t go around the mountain.

All of this came from a long journey of reasoning and logical rule-following behavior. Long ago, I recognized that I was very good at solving puzzles and interpretation. I was very good at watching others’ mistakes and following the expectations to get things right, despite what I really wanted. I found that I gravitated towards being the “glue”, the problem-solver, the go-between. I was the one who could talk to, and understand, the programmers, and then coach and teach the end users, and vice versa.

I don’t tell people what to do, I coach them to find their answer. I believe that with the right attitude, suitable skills and progressive goals, anything is possible. Adversity only eggs me on to overcome it. I’ve never let “no” define what I can and cannot do.

I am an experienced Yoga Teacher and High Performance Habits Coach. I get to lead yoga group trainings, workshops and classes, in addition to performance coaching with individuals and teachers. I am also a Tiny Habits Certified Coach.

Set up a time to chat: https://calendly.com/juliebergfeld