Apr 11

Merino wool run bra

A friend of mine has been talking about wicking (or a lack thereof) and running bras. There are so many brands out there now and so many different models, but you have to drop a small fortune just to buy one and you never really know how good they are until you sweat up a storm and sit around without showering or changing clothes. I know it sounds gross, but these are things women are concerned about, and neither one of us have been satisfied with the wicking properties of our current collection of bras.

So I started thinking about good wicking fabrics and found that merino wool was one of the best there is. Even better than all of the synthetics. While the thought of wool makes some people think of itchy winter warmth, merino wool, made from a special breed of sheep, is fine and soft.

After poking around the internet, I found two companies who make merino wool run bras. One is I/O Bio Merino and the other is Ibex. I bought the I/O Bio Contact 1 bra top off Amazon. I was a little nervous about the sizing because I ordered an XS (and usually a Small is fine), but when I put it on, it felt fine. I wanted it a bit snug too, because I was pretty sure there was not going to be a lot of support. I was right.

For a less well-endowed runner like me, the support was “ok” but not great. I knew my well-endowed friend would not be able to use this model for running. So I looked around and found the Balance Support Bra at Ibex for her. She bought it and the first time she tried to put it on, she reported that the strap broke. She also figured the support would still not be enough, even in the more supportive model. Hmmm.

I do have to say that the wicking was fantastic. Usually when I run on coolish days (40-50 degrees) I heat up and get a cold clammy chest that keeps my whole body cold. When I wore the merino bra, I didn’t feel wet and didn’t get cold. It was amazing. One of those “I didn’t realize the difference until I felt it” moments.

Now if I can just get someone to make a product from merino wool that also has support…