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On coaching

Coaching is partnering with clients in an embodied and thought-provoking way, inspiring them to maximize their potential. Coaching is NOT mentorship, counseling therapy nor advice. It’s a safe place – a judgment-free zone – where clients can clear the fog in order to better direct the journey of change. As a coach, I help clients learn to intuitively operate from a mindset of grace in order to grow into a lifelong practice of experiential growth.

Coaching is 100% confidential and is not intended to replace medical attention. In fact, coaching can compliment many other modalities of care to better allow for client growth. Through embodied listening, coaching can help clients SOAR.

My offerings:

  • Habit Coaching – As a Tiny Habits Coach, I work with clients to clarify aspirations and develop high-impact behaviors that stick.
  • Life Coaching
  • Personal Development Coaching
  • Wellness Coaching


  • One Month (4 sessions) –  $350
  • Three Month (6 sessions) – $500
  • Six Month (12 sessions) – $900


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From some clients

My ongoing coaching sessions with Julie have opened up transformations in many areas of my life.  Specifically, the ability to shift the need to controlling outcomes into simply being with what is.  This shift allows me to see things for what they are and to be able to meet others where they are at in all areas of my life, as a mother, wife, daughter, friend and as a professional in my own career.  This awareness allows me to be honest with myself, others and has made me a more joyful authentic human being.

I am a different teacher since being coached by Julie Bergfeld. Confident, Creative, True, and powerful. Julie helped me see an unknown life-long entertainer mask I was hiding behind. With her guidance I have dropped the mask and am able, to speak from my whole and authentic person into each and every student. The outcome is a better experience for my students and many more referrals to my studio.


Julie guided me with knowledge, patience, support and truth.

Julie’s feedback has shaped my listening for how I teach yoga.  I’m now present when I come out of integrity in my leading, and I’m able to make a shift in the moment to realign and to be with my students in a powerful way.


Julie’s passion for coaching and giving feedback is extremely rare.  She cares and has been the strongest stand for my growth as a teacher through this entire pandemic.



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