Naboso InsolesA short list of products, trainings and services I use and recommend. 

Naboso – Sensory mats, insoles and other devices to activate the feet, hands and whole body. I have three pairs of the insoles – performance, neuro and activation. I’d say I prefer performance over the others if I had to pick one favorite. (

Altra Running Shoes – Zero drop shoes made to perform with women’s shoes built on a women’s last. Innovative and disruptive – just my style. Favorite so far is the Escalante. (

Plum Dragon Herbs – I discovered Dit Da Jow many years ago as a topical healing formula that is pungent and powerful. I used it to heal several fractures and injured ligaments. I still purchase the formulas, my favorite is Ancestor’s Advanced. I purchase whole herbs to create my own teas and supplements. (

The Ready State – Mobility like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Created by Kelly Starrett, author of Ready to Run and Becoming a Supple Leopard among others, the site combine functional mobility assessments, routines and exercises to keep all human bodies integrated and ready to perform at peak. (

Bulletproof – I found Bulletproof for the low-toxin coffee and still buy the stuff. In addition to coffee and all things coffee – creamers and MCT included – you can stock up on supplements, bars and protein powders. Even if you don’t want to buy, head on over to the site to get some recipes and learn about improving your health from the ground up. (

Human Potential Institute Coach Training РI highly recommend this ICF-accredited coach training program. It gave me the knowledge, skills and practice that I needed to become a better listener, coach and human. The program is designed to teach coaching skills in addition to mindfulness and self-regulation. It was more than I expected and worth every dime. Specifically, you will learn: Coaching for: Nutrition, Physical Fitness, Sleep, Energy, Supplements, Resilience, Stress Reduction, Cognitive Performance, Habits, Presence-Based Coaching, The Art & Science of Biohacking, Mindfulness Meditation, Cardiac Coherence, Linguistic Patterns, Models of Change & Development, How to Develop a Growth Mindset, Keys of Emotional Intelligence and more.


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