Support Hose

Support hose doesn’t seem like a topic for athletes, but wait, it is. I wear support hose and have for about a year. I like to wear the knee-high kind most every night when I go to bed and the full-length hose when I travel in a car or airplane. I wear them the day before a key race and I wear them after a race and after long long runs. Preferable are the ones from Jobst and the ones that are 20-30 mmHg in compression, but these are more expensive than the less compressive ones.

I haven’t not done any scientific studies on their use and I am no scientist, but I have to say that I certainly feel refreshed after wearing them, especially after wearing them while traveling. I have yet to wear them during a race and have read mixed reviews of this use. But I definitely recommend them for pre-race or post-race use as they seem to help reduce swelling and increase circulation, which enhance healing and recovery. They do tend to make you feel a little hotter, so make sure you get the ones that are toe-less, it helps some.

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