Types of Coaching

Intermittent Fasting

Want to stop obsessing about food? Interested in kicking cravings? New to Fasting? This type of coaching is for you if you want to improve your metabolic flexibility, lesson medications, enhance quality of life, live longer. We will cover the in’s and out’s of Intermittent and Time-Restricted Eating, why you might do it, when not to do it, nutritional support for fasting success, and more through a schedule of calls that works for your schedule and budget. 

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Mobility Assessment and Coaching

I am in the process of becoming a certified mobility coach and am fully equipped now to perform assessments and provide recommendations to help athletes function to their satisfaction and fullest potential.
I have been an athlete for more than half of my life and have had my share of injuries. What I have found most helpful is getting the body into more functional alignment before any other modality. First there is an assessment to see where the deficits lie, then there is prescriptive work to help athletes move better. This could be done through improving breathing mechanics, joint mobilization and/or soft tissue work – depending on what each individual needs most.


One-on-One Life Performance Coaching

I work with women and men who are tired of battling chronic pain, illness, weight and insecurities. Through awareness, habits and mindset we partner to create balanced solutions to navigate healthier boundaries.  Sessions are both on zoom and in person (in and around the Metro St. Louis, MO area).

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About Julie

After many years working in academia, I grew tired of working for other people and decided to strike out on my own. I opened a yoga studio and operated it for 6 years. Most recently I have moved from the teaching of yoga to coaching as a next-level vocation.

Currently, I coach people in a whole-body method, using embodied awareness to tap in to what is really at the heart of the matter. My best clients are curious, open to change and willing to explore their blocks in order to perform at higher levels.

I also teach mobility, yoga, meditation, workshops and offer nutritional guidance – especially as it relates to food intolerances. In March of 2022, I completed my Human Potential Coaching Certification and am well on my way to my ACC with the ICF (International Coaching Federation). I am also a Certified Nutrition Coach and Tiny Habits ® Coach and incorporate the Fogg Behavior Model into my coaching practice.

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